Tuesday, October 20, 2009

not in MY yard

I know what's on her mind, she thinking she will chuck the broom and the apple and take the little red car behind her for a ride---or the motorhome maybe......

My little neighborhood is really into yard decorations for Halloween. I am the only Scrooge around here, not a thing in my yard except leaves.

The two that aren't facing the camera are even scarier. I really like their chairs and their glasses.

Now for more to my taste, go to www.cherishedvintage.blogspot.com and look at her swarm of bats across her front door. Really neat, and she has a link to the Country Living bat swarm. Maybe I will just get a pumpkin and make Walker (my black cat) sit on the porch, and be my decorations.

1 comment:

Kynda said...

Looks like fun! And I bet Walker would love to be an outside decoration!