Saturday, March 22, 2014

Reading, Sewing

 This is a pattern by Dusty Cupboard Primitives.  He is easy, and he is supposed to be a girl.  Try him (her).
Books are piling up.  I found the little David Copperfield at the library book sale, In My Seat was a gift from my friend Neen, it is about the pilot who was scheduled to fly the first plane of 9/11 but was cancelled.  It is very good.  The Funeral Dress is pretty good and Winter People is a scary, scary but fun ghost story.  I haven't finished the Mitch Albom book yet.  Going back to The Goldfinch on my Kindle now, it is a fourteen hour book and I don't read many of those.

I was checking in with my blog friends last night to see who has spring ..not us, altho my jonquils are up and I can see buds on the hellebores.  Still piles of snow here and there and it is not pretty now, neither are the potholes! 

Friday, March 7, 2014

"I've had enough" Walker the cat

It is still cold but the sun is shining and Walker escaped outside this morning, even before he had his breakfast.  I can't get him to come inside so maybe he knows something we don't. (Or maybe he heard the discussion we had about Rebecca bringing home a hamster from UM ).  That should be interesting.

I have a new printer (Yea!) that Jordan installed.  It is so nice to have a tec in the family.

Here's a doll too, it's a Crow's Roost pattern called "Doris".  Does she need more hair, or is it just that she needs ears?  I made her dress from a cute apron we found in an antique store. Also, I didn't do the sewed-on eyelids, somehow when I do that, my dolls have an evil look.   I hope you have some of this nice sunshine today.

Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3rd.

Today is Kynda's birthday, here she is on her beautiful blue bike from Mark. You may have already seen it on her blog but I wanted it to be on mine too.  Happy Birthday Kynda, we love you so much!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

March First...

I hope you are enjoying my  posts of the Garden City Garden Club 2014 Calendar Fund Raiser.
The March gentleman is a member of the Southern Michigan Daylily Society and he has over 300 varieties of daylilies in his garden.  We have been there to see them, ( he was fully clothed). 

It says "Time to remove all dead plant material, turn the soil, mulch and get ready to plant."
LOL, what about the foot of snow, where does it go?