Friday, November 30, 2012

Craft shows aka church bazaars or vice versa

I've had a tin of sequins ( for about 20 years),one of those unfinished projects, but the little tin was really pretty so it just sat around waiting.

Last night I had a wild hair and picked up the needle and finished a couple of these.  I was thinking that the day I bought one of these was probably the very first craft show I ever heard of and then it was called a church bazaar.  It was at the Grace Episcopal Church in Paducah Kentucky and of course they had delicious lunch in addition to their handmade items.  I may have paid a dollar or two for one of these.

It only took me about two hours, thread was snarling and sequins were littering the carpet but if you want to punish yourself you should try one.  It's tedious I warn ya!  Get two circles of felt,cut a hole in the center of one and sew on the sequins, just layer them on.  Then sew on the red beads and a little red bow.  Back it with the other circle of felt and stitch around the outside and inside.  Then I cut out the hole in the second circle and sewed on a safety pin.  You will need a very skinny needle.

Have you ever wondered how craft shows began and when?  Tried to find out online but didn't come up with anything.  I did run across this and thought you might enjoy.

More Reasons To Purchase Fabric
10. The quilt shop gets angry when you steal it.
9. It will go with something I bought last year.
8. Well-known fact: prevents washing machine withdrawal symptoms on light laundry days.
7. Keeps the people who make cardboard inserts in bolts of fabric employed, thus supporting the national economy in yet one more way.
6. Assists the little birdies with their nests when scraps, threads, and little whispies are allowed to blow in the wind.
5. Without fabric I would have nothing to do with my rotary cutter, my mat, my sewing machine, my iron, my thread, my needles, my quilting books. And my time.
4. Step 32 of Master Plan to drive husband crazy.
3. It does not promote tooth decay.
2. It's not immoral, illegal, or fattening.
1. Surgeon General says: "10 yards a day keeps the blues away.

Happy Friday, last day of November 2012.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Comet's Tale

This is a book that picked me at the Melvindale Public Library.  I loved learning about the lives of greyhounds and this special one that changed the life of  her owner.

It was out-of-the-question that this critically disabled man could adopt a greyhound.  If you read the story, it might be out-of-the-question for you too, but that didn't stop me from really wanting a Comet of my own.

Happy Wednesday, read a book today.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Sock Monkey Monday...

These are for Patti, one of my best craft show customers.   They are saying "when do we get to go to Patti's cute house."

Now.....if you want to make your own sock monkey, there is a little pattern in with one of the Sweet Meadows Farm's Annie pattern.  You can buy little ones at Bed, Bath and Beyond and also at the Cracker Barrel sometimes, but the ones you made yourself would be special.  And they could have a candy cane! and a long tail!  and a tuft of hair!  Happy Monday everyone.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Deer Season

I've had two reminders that it is opening day of deer season; first I phoned my son who answered in a whisper.  I said I just wanted to chat.  He said "I'm in a  deer blind".  Oh my, did I hang up quickly.

Then Lisa at Moonlit Stitch has a nice post with some neat pictures and some funny but true observations about hunters.

The picture above is Charlie and his Dad's big deer from bow season this year.  I love his expression, like, I can't believe how big this deer is.

Lisa at Moonlit Stitch says it is a traditional National Holiday.  I'm not going  except John Michael and I may hunt some pretty leaves and some dandelions.  The deer will have no need to fear us.
Happy Thursday everyone.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

You will like these......

These are so sweet I thought I would pass this along.  Happy Wednesday.
I'm cooking today for Blessed Hope.  Love!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The craft show...

This old card table belonged to my MIL Fannie Hudson.  If it could talk it would know all the gossip there was to know in Mountain View, Missouri in the 1930s, 40s, 50s, and 60s. with countless games of solitaire, cups of coffee and her cigarettes.  If you came to see her, she would go on playing, saying "come on in but keep those babies quiet, my soaps are on".

Since the table came to my house after Fannie died, it has had a different life.  It gets to be squeezed in when  there is an extra two feet of space to be used in the craft show booth.  And...gets to wear red and hold all manner of  interesting creations.  This year  it was in charge of candy-canes which went really well and the snowmen too, except they really got bested by the elves.

It was good to see people that are regular and faithful customers and I only see once a year.  A few were missing and I hope everything is well and  just couldn't make it this year.  I had wonderful help...Rebecca, Granddaughter, and PJ, daughter, and we sold PJ's  pin and badge flowers too!  PJ is a reluctant crafter but she is coming around.  I am working on being her craft coach as well as her life coach.

After all, the table still has a lot of years left in it, it should never be put out to pasture.  Happy Sunday everyone!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Truly Blessed......

The top picture is of Thomas who desperately needed a kidney.  Thomas is my friend Jackie's nephew. 

Next picture is Melissa, a family friend who donated her kidney so that he might get well.
I would call that a very brave and true friend.

Aren't they both beautiful with their plush kidney creatures and keeping warm and cozy under Grandmother Stella's handmade afghans! The surgery was on Wednesday.  Our hearts are warm too  to hear such a story and we want them to get well soon.

'scuze me while I find a tissue!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Ernie#1 and Ernie #2 and  there are  two more #3 and #4, all Ernies.  The pattern is by Olde Country Cupboard.  I'm almost finished showing my craft show stuff (Saturday).  I hope it hasn't been annoying like some of the political commercials.  Peace to all.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

First Sunday in November 2012

A basket of turkeys for the craft show.....
My mother's day flower from Kynda is still beautiful .  My little neighbor boy wants to push it around.
The pumpkins are dwindling.  I am giving them away a few at a time.  Small garden, small pumpkins.

Happy Sunday to everyone, a lot of important things will be happening in November, most of all being thankful for everything.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Snowmen

When my nice neighbors moved away, they gave me this plant stand.  The snowmen are made from the BIG pattern by Sweetmeadows farm. They have a round head.

Last night we went to see Oliver at Southgate Community Players.  Jeff was a wonderful Fagin and I got to shake hands with an amazing little third-grader who played Oliver!  We loved it!  Went with my two granddaughters, Rachel and Rebecca.  And I will be going to see it again next week.

The sun is shining here, but still I am thinking of those people who are cleaning up after the storm and those who have lost someone. I hope you are well.