Friday, August 28, 2015

Garden, end of August

 Just some garden pictures this morning, see the Dr. Seuss flower in this one.
 My mom's chair that she trash-picked.  I keep propping it up.
 The first of my little pumpkins.
This morning I am moving pretty slow, but I found out from Ma's blog it is okay to be a turtle.  Go 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

First Time Plants

 This Sweet Annie plant came all the way to Michigan from The Farm in Petersburg, Illinois.  (Thank you, Kynda for sending it USPS).  Every year I try to plant some from seed but it never comes up, I am hoping it will seed itself so I will have Sweet Annie next year.

This is my new morning glory called Flying Saucer.  Bought this plant in Jonesville, MI from Gley's, the good apple cider people.  Cold today in Michigan and cloudy, Happy Tuesday.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

From Jackie's timeline, how clever

Makes sense, shade and cat proof.  John is too old for one of these,or he would have one in my yard.
Happy  Wednesday, Blessed Hope day, green beans and kielbasa, lots of fresh tomatoes and pickled beets!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Conversation piece?

This is for sale at the Town Peddler.  There are so many clever things there that are "upcycled" and
"repurposed" etc. 

I thought I would see what my blogger friends thought about it.  I don't usually like an old thing made into a new thing, and sometimes it makes me feel sad.  Just think of all the fun around this old guy, singing and playing duets.  Well, maybe after some wine there will still be singing around him.

It is a very hot day in Michigan.  The tent sale is going on until Sunday at the Town Peddler.  Lots of good buys and I did forget to price the piano-wine-rack in case anyone is interested but you can email me.  Happy weekend all.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Good Saturday Morning

 It's my second cup!
My little neighbor girl (Raylynn, age 5) was so excited yesterday.  She told her aunt and grandmother..."SHE'S GROWING ORANGES!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

August garden

I tried this new tomato this year, it is called Pink Brandywine. I pick them like this and n a day or so they are pink all over and delicious.  I only saw them for sale at one place, Sacka's greenhouse on Inkster Road near Sibley. 

This is my wild garden.  You can see the red okra  toward the front.  It is pretty and when cooked is just like any other okra.
This is my favorite phase of the sunflower.  Look at all the little rows so perfectly spaced.  The little yellow finches come every day for lunch.

I hope you are having a good summer!