Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Goodbye, wonderful June

The strawberries are bye-bye, but they gave us so much pleasure. We've had so much going on this monthI haven't had time to write about it. So, June stuff to come later.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

My Cake 2

I sure do thank y'all for the birthday wishes and comments about the cake.

The thing I forgot to mention that it was the most luscious cake I ever had and believe me I have had
my share of birthday cakes, too many to mention.  If you read through the recipe you will see how much
effort went into the making. It would be worth it, if you want a cake that is very special.  We had a slice
the next day and it was even better.

My daughter PJ really went all out on this one.  The dinosaurs of course was her idea too.
You can read the recipe for White Velvet Layer Cake with Strawberry-Raspberry Mascarpone Butter Cream on www.wickedgoodkitchen.com. 

My Cake

This month I had one of those "milestone" birthdays....but dinosaurs??????

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Last picking....

No more, sob.....

June 20, goodbye to our 2015 strawberries.
We loved you so much dear strawberries, but now you are small and tomorrow is the first day of summer after all and time for your  squash and green bean buddies to be the stars of the garden. The pie was made by PJ and she used "The Farm" recipe for the crust, it was wonderful. I love having Kynda visit when the berries come in.  I took her pickin when she was just a tot at Mr. Faith's in Paducah.  I hope you all had home grown strawberries in June 2015.