Saturday, May 7, 2011

News Herald Plant Exchange....Southgate

Beautiful weather! Not like last year when we had sleet and snow. We were patient, waiting for the Krispy Kreme donuts to arrive. We were there really early--- to get a good parking spot. Everyone crowds around looking to trade for something different. Barb had lots of give-aways, Stella D'Oros and Irises. We brought home some new plants to try if we can find a vacant spot.

You meet lots of nice people who like to talk. Since I talk funny, everyone wants to know where I am from. The gentleman holding the USPS box has relatives in Paducah and loves Starnes Bar-be-que. That made us fast friends and he had an interesting story about an uncle (age 86) who now lives in Texas and orders Starnes Bar-be-que from Paducah to sell at his stand. Turns out, Texans love Starnes too.

And WHO HAS THE REAL HAIR????? We asked this gentleman for a photo with Barb...

And, Hats Off, Barb is the winner. It was nice of him to join in the fun. I have noticed that no one seems to be bashful at the plant exchange.

I hope your Saturday was as much fun. The next exchange will be in October.


dee begg said...

How does your plant exchange work? Sounds like it was a fun day.


Laura Lynn said...

Sounds like fun! I like the "hair off" haha.
Have a Happy Mother's Day!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a nice thing to do. I'd love to go to one of those, but so far no one has thought of that in our area. With our annuals growing and spreading out we often have to throw them away when we thin things out. We had so many tiny little Rose of Sharons come up that it was worse than weeding pulling them up. There are still more that need to go too. Hope you have a Happy Mothers Day!