Saturday, March 17, 2012

I'd Like to Wear a Badge too.....

 At the hospital, everyone wears a badge, some people get to have two or three badges.  The nurses have really gone creative with theirs and some even have bling.  Now that Jeff is getting better I am thinking of some I can make for PJ when she goes back to work.

Kynda made a too-short visit to see us, taking the Amtrak home  with a lot of St. Patrick's Day rowdy  party- goers to Chicago.  I forgot to ask if the canal was green on Friday .

 This is just a small part of Detroit Medical Center, Harper Hospital  and Hutzel Women's Hospital, a new heart hospital will soon be there also.

 We didn't eat here (at the Whitney) just took a picture and we will take Jeff there if he wants to go.

 And here's what I bought to make PJ's badges.  Pretty pins by Jan at the Town Peddler Mall.

 Love the little pink bird.  They are FELTED!  Be sure to check out her items at and on etsy and Facebook.

 This is the badge holder, I bought some velcro triangle at Joann Fabrics which were a perfect size and they had adhesive backs.

This one is all finished, I am going to add a word and maybe a little ribbon.  Everyone will be so jealous.

I never make long posts but couldn't help myself.  It is so good to feel good, and I  know I have so many friends in blogland who won't mind a bit.  Your encouragement to us has been wonderful.  I love you all.


Marydon said...

Love your previous post .. such good news & great pics.

Love the creativeness for the badges.

Happy St. Paddy's day t'ya!
Have a beautiful day ~

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I bet you all are so relieved and happy. I think your ideas for new badges is a great. Who would have ever thought to make them so cute.

TheCrankyCrow said...

So glad to hear Jeff is out of ICU - love the photo of him - and the photo of you lovely ladies in this post. Those badge clips are adorable. I used to have to wear a badge and was constantly misplacing it...had it on a thingy around my neck and it would get caught in my keyboard; clipped on my waistband, but was outta luck when I wore a dress....hated those things. But you're making me wish I were wearing one again! Hope the day was good to you....Smiles & O'Hugs ~ Robin

Kynda said...

that is darling!!

It is good to feel happy again. I love you love you.

Susie said...

Peggy, I love that old building. The pins are so cute . I sure hope your son-in-law gets well soon. Take care of yourself. xoxo, Susie

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traveldude said...

Hi I'm just in awe with the power of the net- I can peek into your world and this fleeting glimpse fills me with wonderment ,wishing you all peace and love

traveldude said...

Hi I'm just in awe with the power of the net- I can peek into your world and this fleeting glimpse fills me with wonderment ,wishing you all peace and love