Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Visit to Kynda and Mark's Porch...

 It was too cold for me on the porch when we visited and I was disappointed to miss out on it.
 Little table has a story, Kynda bought it at Antique Mall then found out it had belonged to a friend's Mom.
(She offered it back of course).
 Wire frame, made in Michigan, made beautiful with flowers.  Why didn't we do that with ours?

 Mammy's little snail planter, sweet little face isn't it?

 Mammy's little birdhouse in a bird cage found by PJ.

Granddaddy's thermometer from White's Ashland Service Station.  We called it "filling station" back then.
It's like a trip down Memory Lane, and a perfect place for a visit or a read.


Ann said...

what a comfy looking porch. love all the treasures there too

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Cute porch! Too bad it was chilly while you were there. It's supposed to be a lovely day here today. I'll be enjoying my porch!

Anonymous said...

How lovely. That little snail is adorable.

myomyohi said...

I've been catching up today. I've been blog "challenged" for a long time. I enjoyed the pictures and visit.

Kynda said...

you'll have to come back when it's warm again!

And I'm thinking we need to add a nice fireplace like PJ & Jeff have :)

love love