Thursday, June 1, 2017

June 1 Flowers

This is the second year for this iris, the first year to bloom.  I bought it at the Ann Arbor farmers market.  I wish I could tell you its name.  It is so blue it is almost black.
 This one is my Beverly Sills from Kynda, and it gets to be on the blog every year.  It is almost finished blooming for now.
 I made this little flag and a few more for the craft mall.  They didn't sell lol.  But I like mine in my new hosta spot under the dogwood tree.
This is an aulium and the prettiest one I have. Thank you for walking through my garden this June lst.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a beautiful garden you have. At the old house I had a big selection like yours to enjoy but they were getting to be a lot of work. Now that I've moved I've stuck to container gardening and even though I do miss the variety of flowers, I know it's time for me to slow down.

peggy said...

I think it's okay to slow down. I sometimes think I need to do that too, like if I do someone will run over me. ha ha. Containers are good, you will have fun with them. Try some succulents in some of your pots, they are so easy. Happy Friday.

Susie said...

HI Peggy, Oh my goodness your yard is looking pretty. Love the irises. I think that little flag is pretty cute. Blessings to you, enjoy the summer. xoxo,Susie