Monday, February 27, 2017


I finished up Little Deaths, which was inspired by a real event in the sixties in Queens, NY.  I liked the book but couldn't bring myself to like the characters.  There are some good reviews online if you think you might read it.  One of them agreed with me.  But it is a very good story with a surprise ending.

Then I started this one today by Ron Marasco.  I didn't think I would like it, but I read 100 pages just to start.  I think I am going to be glad that I changed my mind.  I hope you all get to read a book today, or at least 100 pages.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Books on Saturday

This is a book from my library.  I made a mistake picking it up last night at 11:30 and then again this morning.  Guess that is how my Saturday is going to go, and it is going to be springlike weather this weekend.

 I've been picking my way through this one for a few days now.  I asked for it at my library and it is a short loan book.  It is a biography and I wanted to read it because Margaret Wise Brown wrote one of our all-time favorites, The Runaway Bunny.  She had a fabulous life and her sister shared her unpublished works with Amy Gary, years after her death.  There are a ton of acknowledgements at the end of some 250 pages.  It is really interesting.
I finished this one last week, I was about half way through and thought it was too romancy but then it became really fascinating and the end was one of those I didn't see coming.   There is a prequel to it that I didn't know about until I read the reviews, some of which were really good and some not so.  If you read reviews, does it spoil a book for you? 

I have to get outside today, just can't pass up the chance.  I hope you get to enjoy your weekend.  Take care everyone.