Friday, December 2, 2016

Crafty Friday Fun

 This is Barbara's iris folding art.  She will probably sell this one at the show.  It is at Lutheran High West on Cowan Road in Livonia.  Large show, beautiful displays and variety with children choirs singing, poinsettias for sale and a big Maurice salad for lunch.  
We stopped at the craft mall (Town Peddler) to add some more snowmen to Jackie's booth.  I asked her  to get in the picture because she has worked really hard on her booth. I want to take a copy of her booth  to her mom Stella at American house.  She always loved going to the craft shows 
 This was something I liked at Town Peddler....
and this vintagey snowmen were only 5.99.  Speaking of vintage, we did not see much of that at the craft show in Westland.  A few snowmen but no primitive dolls at all. There were lots of fabric items but nothing shabby-chic except for Donna's hats with flowers.  I don't take pictures at the craft show unless I know the exhibitor.  I didn't buy anything today but my friend found several things for gifts.
I have to concentrate on keeping myself upright and moving along.  I hope your Friday was also fun. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Ashley's Apron

This was Ashley's apron for November.  She has a new one today (a Grinch one).  Can't wait to see it.  No deer for her hubby's trip up north, but they had a safe and well-fed venture in the woods.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Snowmen at Town Peddler Craft & Antique Mall

 Wishing for snow? 
 They are doing their snowman dance!!
 Up close this one has lots of character.
I really liked this one.  Jackie's prices are very reasonable for handmade, and you can zoom in and see Stella's beautiful crochet. Happy lookin' and shoppin'!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Porch cats and 57 degrees

 I don't know how this collection started, maybe with Walker, my indoor-outdoor cat, who chooses not to have his picture made today.
Rusty Cat was made by my neighbor Bob just for me. 
And this one was made by Janice, Prims by the Water.  Isn't he the cat's meow!
 The grass is green and so is the ground cover, even the pesky creeping charlie.  My creeping flocks have a bloom and below the sedum is already sprouting.  What a funny time of weather ---even the plants are all confused.
These look like little brussel sprouts.  I did a few bags of leaves but decided I would rather post.  Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Cindy's booth at Lindbergh

 Cindy does little slate signs and other unique little things to decorate your home.  She does this show all by herself since her Dad passed away.  She works really hard and has a huge display.
 If you zoom in you can see better.  She likes bicycles and once she painted a full size one for an outdoor show.
 She also usually has rosemary plants which go really well with the Christmas things.
 I like "It's a Wonderful World".
I would go crazy trying to put all this together. I must have the one that says "I think my guardian angel has a drinking problem."

Happy Saturday everyone.  A turn of weather, 70 yesterday, brrr. today.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Opening Day Deer Season Apron by Ashley

Yesterday when I was at Joann's this young lady told me about her opening-day apron so I went back this morning to take a picture for you all.

Today she told me about all the food she had prepared for her husband to take on his hunting trip, so I hope they don't spend all their time eating instead of hunting.

I have to envy all the energy she has and how kind and helpful she is to us when we have no idea what we are doing.  I will have to take my camera with me from now on so you all can see her aprons.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Iris Folding by Barbara

 These are her new ornaments for this year.
 Her display looks really nice.  Too bad she wasn't in the picture.
 She works really hard, bringing in all these frames is not an easy job.
 One of my favorites
 And this one too, she has a variety, something for everyone.  Nice gifts.
 Very elegant ones too with lots of bling.
I think this would be very tedious art so I give her lots of credit.  I can't imagine the patience it takes.
Tomorrow I have some pictures from Cindy's booth, she does slate signs and more.  Thanks for stopping by.