Tuesday, August 23, 2016

You Might Like

It's not easy finding a place for outside flowers in a little house. Knowing it will shatter everywhere is it really worth it?  In the hallway didn't work.
 Although it did look pretty in front of my Happy Day collage.
 Put it on the porch wasn't gonna work.
On a stack of suitcases is where it worked okay.  The flowers are Bonica rose, Anemones and Love Lies Bleeding.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Pretty Pinks

 Zinnia from English Gardens.  It's kinda short but bunchy.
 Little shoes from the thrift store, put some landscape fabric inside, some dirt and small plants. I spray painted them pink.
My Bonica rose, just one stem made a nice bouquet for PJ's breast cancer baskets.
We had a lot of rain and it is raining now again today.  Things will begin to green up now.  So sorry for our Louisiana people. 

Wishing you  gentle rain and just the right amount.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Garden Awards

 This tidal wave petunia from Lowes gets the "best bloom for the buck" award.  I paid 8.98 for ONE plant and griped about it to whoever would listen.
 This one is a goldy honey bear sunflower from Botanical Interest Seeds.  It gets the "little yellow birds favorite" award.
 This is actually two sharing this award.  It's called "We can all get along together."
 This one gets the "new guy in the garden" award.  It's dinosaur kale.  It lives up to its name.
This one gets the "I'll show YOU" award.  I considered pulling it up everyday.  You might say it has bloomed where it was planted, except I didn't plant it.

We had a big rain today  so I am writing to my friends insteadof dragging the garden hose around the backyard.  I hope everyone is having a good summer!!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

in the garden

The fennel in my garden is about 7 ft. tall and blooming.  These guys are really enjoying it. PJ looked it up and they eat grasshoppers and crickets and love pollen I guess for dessert.  They are called Great Black Wasps and are not aggressive, I won't be testing that statement, just sayin.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Testing 1-2-3

I have a new computer and wasn't sure I could post.  Just decided in my mind it wasn't going to work. But it did.  This is a picture of my third half-gallon of sun dills.  Happy Tuesday everyone.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Sun Dills on Fleming Street

Fair warning, friends:  You will probably be sick of my garden before summer is over.  The cukes are Socrates, (which one person claims she harvested 142 cucumbers from one vine.)  They are making a nice size to fit my jar.  I have dill and grape leaves but garlic I have to buy.  My garlic looks small but then it just grew by accident.

Want to make sun dills?  The recipe should be on my posts somewhere.  It's from a blogger, Old Centenniel Farmhouse.

We had RAIN!!! So needed here.  Happy Saturday all.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Graye's Greenhouse, 2016

 If you don't like succulents, just skip over this post.  I have never posted this many pictures before, but each one has something I like. 

 All lined up, stand up straight now  guys and get your picture taken.

 We like the way she takes little containers and makes them special. 

 Oops, how did this get in there.  My girls, only half a smile from PJ.

I only took pictures of the succulents.  I also got a "Love Lies Bleeding" packet as mine didn't come up this year.  And a purple tomato plant!