Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It was Free!

I only wanted a typewriter stand, but the typewriter came with the deal.
It has a little metal plate on the front of it that says "Bill Palmer, The Typewriter Man" with his phone number in Toledo, Ohio. I know one thing about Mr. Palmer, he earned his money lugging things like this around, it weighs a ton, must be made of iron.

If you are laughing at my acquisition, go to ebay or etsy and check out the jewelry being made with old typewriter keys. It's anybody's guess what its future will be now that it has a new home. It may just sit somewhere and look.......pretty!


Kynda said...

I love it! You got a bargain. And if you ever do make charms out of the keys, I think the tag would make a great charm too!

Small House said...

WOW...You are a lucky duck! That typewritter is wonderful!!! AND...LOVE the frames your friend gave you too. Your house must be fun to be in.

Have a good day.