Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Morning Paper

A Free Press was on my porch for the first time this week. You would have thought it was the Prize Patrol!
For those of you out of the Detroit area, we now can buy a newsstand copy every day but home delivery is only Thursday, Friday and Sunday. We can go online and read the digital version and that would be okay if I could lug my big old computer out to the garden where I have my morning coffee.
Most of us don't like it at all, but things change and I hear other big city newspapers are watching to see how this works out for us.
I don't like being deprived of something I enjoy but if it would create some jobs, I would happily go along. I am afraid it is quite the opposite.
With that in mind, I will shut up and pay the bill, if only for the sake of those who are still employed by the News and Free Press, and I hope my carrier is one of them.

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