Monday, July 20, 2009

The Last Day for Raspberries

Today is surely the last day I will pick raspberries from my little patch. (this year).

They began really early and have never before lasted until July 20. I remember this date because it is my Dad's birthday. Had he lived he would be 99 today. I miss him always and wish everyone could have known him. I know he would have loved to help me pick, as he always strung the beans with no complaining.

I was visiting, and this is her comment on the raspberry patch....."no one wants to pick raspberries, so there you are, alone in the quiet with a moment to think, to pray, and even listen." I never pick that I don't think this very thing, I was glad Sandra spelled it out for me to remember.

So one last remark about the berries, I made jam, I made freezer jam and many pies and even tried some new recipes, but my favorite was a big ol cobbler that we took to Blessed Hope Church for their dinner, everyone liked it with ice cream and Charlie got to serve it!


Kynda said...

Love this post, mama. Thank you.
One of my friends lost her dad this week. I'm going to find some flowers for her.

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Oh, this looks so good! I have never tried to raise raspberries....and I am just now trying to get blackberries to grow. Nothing can be better than cobbler and ice cream! blessings,Kathleen

Small House said...

I loved reading about your dad. I have decided not matter how old we get, or how old our parents are when they pass, it will still tug at our hearts. We are always their children.

I love my raspberry patch. And reading your blog reminded me I was going to give you a salad, more like a treat for raspberries. I'm going to get it right now and give it to you. I'll be back!!!

Small House said...

Check your email!! I used an email account that I am canceling this week. If you need to contact me, go ahead and use my email on my blog.