Friday, July 3, 2009

The Plant with No Name

This is how it starts out, it looks like a brass knob, it is about 3 feet tall.
This is a little later, now it looks like a pineapple. Barb gave it to me but can't remember its name. It is an interesting plant.


Small House said...

Interesting indeed! Love it though. Your garden must be wonderful.

Kelly said...

Very neat plant and flower...if you find out the name of it, please let us know!

P.J. said...

Oh Momma, don't you know? Of course that would be Centaura macrocephala. Here's a link.

Tee hee hee :--)

peggy said...

Dear PJ, I'm sure you will tell us exactly how you found it...we know how you got so smart....tee hee hee