Monday, August 10, 2009

Garden Witch

Well, they are putting the Thanksgiving decorations out at Joann Fabrics, so maybe they are skipping Halloween this year. Anyway, my witch is a gardener who likes to fly. The hair was contributed by Kynda, I love it, and the broom by PJ and Jeff, it was perfect.

The shoes are in progress, they would seem to be popular so I am experimenting with some. I used the sequin paint which I try to find every excuse to use.

Happy Monday, defy gravity!


Kynda said...

I love her hair too! And her flowers, and her crow. She's cool. Cool shoes too! love you love you

Small House said...

What a pleasant little witch. She is adorable. Love the flowers tucked in her cute socks.
Have a great day.

Kelly said...

How original! I love your creations so much. I know with sewing stuff they come out early so you have time to make it for that season or holiday. It is reminding me that we just don't have that much summertime left. The Fall time is not so bad though...I am okay with Fall. Winter is just a hard time for me. Your creations put a smile on my face today. :)

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

What a delightful creation! I just love her. You are a talented witch stitcher! Just lovely. blessings,Kathleen