Monday, August 3, 2009


One little angel is hardly productive but here she is. I keep getting distracted by important stuff.

Today Rebecca wanted to watch Gone With the Wind, do you remember seeing it the first time? I remember that we had an intermission and it never crossed our minds that we would ever watch it in our own living room.

And I saw it at the Old Kentucky Theater in Paducah on Fifth Street where the J. C. Penney parking lot is now. ( I think I'm getting that right. ) Well, I'll think about that tomorrow.


P.J. said...

So are you naming her Scarlett? I love her. How many of those angels do you think one girl should own?
I've never seen Gone With the Wind. Maybe it's time.

Kynda said...

I loved GWTW! I remember going to see it at one of the theaters in Paducah. I didn't know what an intermission was. I thought it was the end of the movie! Wish I had been there to watch it with you.

Small House said...

I've missed visiting your blog! Trying to catch up now. As always, I love everything. I like the heart a lot. I'm thinking that would be something fun to make. I'll let you know if I get to it.
Have a great day.