Friday, July 16, 2010

Ta Da!!

This is my first tomato, Sweetie, that I bought at Graye's. I had to pick it early to beat the squirrels to it, or that's my excuse anyway.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is worth celebrating ones first ripe tomato for sure. After only having the grocery store variety for so long you forget just how good they taste!

OneBigHappy said...

My kids loooooooovvve tomatoes.

Wanda..... said...

Tomorrow I'm going to pick my first large tomato of the season! Last year the squirrels stole them while they were still green, we had to put up a little electric fence to keep them out!

Small House said...

OH...The sweet little hand in your last post is just to good!!!! I miss little hands like that around my house. It will still be a while until someone calls me grandma.

The tomato, WOW!!! It is beautiful. We aren't even close to having tomato's at our house. I'm afraid because our spring was a little loopy, that we might not have any at all.
You have such a sweet garden. Love the pictures you share.
Have a great day.

Prims and Annies said...

Hi..the first tomato is so water, mulch, and tend the plants and think you will never see them ripen. But once they do there is no stopping them...then in a few weeks it is all over. Our garden was a success this year..we live in South Ga and we got rain this year, so I had to water only a few times. I have a story about one tomato plant. We planted it in the flower bed and it was doing great. Then they started ripening and I noticed that a bite had been taken. I thought it was rabbits. We go to Lowes and spend $14 on hardware wire and wrap it around the plant. A couple weeks passed and the same thing happened...another bite was taken. We finally figured out what it was...field mice(we are surrounded by farm land but usually don't see many until the fall after the farmers harvest their crop of corn or peanuts. There was a small space at the bottom of the wire in the straw where they went in and out. Expensive tomato plant.
Have a great week!
Smiles and huggs,