Monday, September 6, 2010

Waltz Week

Joy, left, and Rosie, napping, we pretty much got acquainted during my week at their house.
I made some golden corn. The crop this year has been especially good for the farmers.
It was nice to hear my Grandmothers clock ticking away. My dad bought it for her when he got his first job. That would probably have been 1925 thereabout.
And except for one more that I gave to John Michael, this is my entire pumpkin crop. Pretty good, since I only planted one. Each one is colored differently.

I enjoyed my week away, hearing the news that Jordan is back in the USA, sitting on the porch reading, swinging and rocking. I had a visit from John Michael, Rachel and Johnny and they brought pizza hut for me and Barb came out and we went to that fabulous Proven Winners garden. Then on Saturday, a visit from Jacob, (from Maryland) and I had him all to myself for a day. Jeff and PJ had a safe trip back to Waltz and Kynda and Mark , and Vi and Warren celebrated anniversaries. (look at that fabulous cake on But never mind the birthday cake that I had for PJ.

So much can happen in a short time, and there was sadness too. I lost another good friend of many years, Ronnie Walter in Metropolis, Illinois.

I missed everyone here and it is always good to be back home but it was a good week. I hope Rosie and Joy will want me to come back sometime.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is amazing the things that can happen in a week's time. Sorry for the loss of yet another friend. Thankfully there were also some good times in your week. Except for a short term concern over DDIL#5 my week was blessed with many good things. I hope your Monday is a great one!

P.J. said...

Momma, Joy and Rosie want you back already. They are sad without you. I love your post. I wish you'd had a picture of the peanut cake to post. I'll send you one. And I just finished eating the last piece...peanutty-licious! I love you!!

Kynda said...

I didn't know that granddaddy bought the clock for mammy. So sweet. You wanna come stay here with G dog and Lilla sometime? Course then I would want to stay here with you, so it wouldn't be quite the same. love love