Tuesday, April 15, 2014

94.8 for 2014

 I hope the weather people are happy now that they can say we broke the record for snowfall.  Go away please.
 I made some angels last  week.  The credit really belongs to someone who made this beautiful quilt that I rescued.  I did make the yo-yos.
And the person that did this beautiful embroidery, with hand crocheted trim.  It was pretty ragged on one side but I worked around it to make the dress.  The body is a Pat Beam pattern.

I hope today's weather has made you happy, whatever it is.  Lots of people are still without power here due to the storms and strong winds, they are not so happy.  The sun keeps popping out just to tease us I think.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I haven't heard if we broke a record or not, we should have. Snow here too today and very cold. It'll melt tomorrow they say as temps will be in the 40's. All I want to do is sleep today but have a grandson here today so that isn't possible. Although he is napping right now. Your angels are so pretty and sweet. I love how you incorporate old doilies and quilts.

Ann said...

The angels I love, the snow not so much. It snowed here today after having 70 degree weather the past few days. It's just not right

kath001 said...

Your angels are SEW sweet!

I am SEW happy to be back in south Texas...I'm even going to try to be more tolerant of the hundred degree summer days after the winter I had away. :)