Friday, April 25, 2014

Handmade in USA

This morning I was sewing the little flag onto this little bear and it reminded me that when I was growing up we bought lots of stuff "made in Japan".  I made Rebecca listen to my story.  Olden days stories make young people roll their eyes.

On Saturday mornings, we would go to "town" where there was a Kresge's store.  They had a donut machine and a soda fountain and a store-full of little things we could afford all with little tags "made in Japan".
Kinda like "made in China", only for ten cents then.

The men of the family always went along, and they stood around in front of the store and swapped stories
and pocket knives while the women went inside to shop.  (This was before TV and Internet.  Families had
only ONE car.  CHURCH was our social network.

PJ found this little flag at a yard sale and it still has its little tag.  I saved it for something special.
The bear is made from the roly-poly pattern by Maureen.  (She has such a following we are now calling her
by one name, like J-Lo and Beyonce and Shakira.  Her pattern name is Sweet Meadows Farm.

I would like to say Rebecca enjoyed my story, but she seemed in a big hurry to leave for school.  Thank you if you listened and have a wonderful weekend.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

With the end of April near and May just around the corner is is time to start thinking about the grand red white and blue for sure. In our town if Kresges didn't have it then Neizners or JT Grants did. We usually went to town on Saturdays too. Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

Ann said...

What a cute bear that is.
I don't recall a Kresges when i was growing up. I fondly remember shopping trips to Woolworth's though.

RETA said...

I have similar memories! I love your bear . . . and your BlogSpot!