Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I have been preoccupied with the weather, as most folks here have, but Walker marked his favorite spot, he is no dummy.

This is the new Garden City Garden Club Calendar for 2015.  It should be interesting, but not as risque as 2014.  Jordan said it looks like they are still not wearing any clothes, just butterflies.
When I went to Town Peddler
Mall I bought this chalkboard easel.
The doll was a left-over from

    I have been trying out some new patterns.  This one from The Goode Wife, Stacey Mead, Raven's Haven.
I had a terrible time getting stuffing in her arms and legs and I see a wrinkle in her neck that I didn't notice before.  It is funny how the photos show up things that you don't realize are there,                                                                                                                                 
And I like to make hearts of any kind.  This one sold at Town Peddler.  I also like rick-rack and yo yos.

I hope I can get back to the blogging loop.  I am telling the weather man to stop dictating to me.

Also I had furnace repair today, if your furnace sometimes does not ignite, it is because the igniter is dirty.  Best money I have spent this week.  We are warm and I hope you are also.


Ann said...

Some kitty knows where the warmest seat in the house is :) I like your rabbit, she's very cute. I can see how stuffing the arms and legs would have been tricky though

Trace4J said...

What a smart boy!
I love your new bunny.
She is soo sweet.
Warm Woolie Hugs

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are the 2nd person I've heard of this week that had furnace work and it was their ignighter too. The weather does keep us occupied at times. The snow here has left me exhausted and haven't done much of anything. Glad you are keeping warm and cozy!

Primitive Stars said...

Morning, what a smart kitty, warm spot. Love the bunny, really cute. Blessings Francine.