Saturday, January 17, 2015

Visit to Town Peddler and Stella's

Where's the hairspray, the gel, and the million other products we use today?  I like this better.  From the Dirt Road Divas booth at Town Peddler.
I love this little is a huge glass platter with legs.  It is so sweet if you had room for it.  Look for it at the Dirt Road Divas booth.
Jackie and I both have our eye on this one, thinking about where it could go.  It is sitting on top of a little stool, I think it is about $50, probably will be gone when we make up our minds.
First booth on the left on the middle aisle is my stuff.  I like old quilts, hoops, yo yos and flowers.
This is the rabbit I made and thought it needed "something" so I put it in an old frame, at least it's different.

After our visit to TP, we went to see Stella, Jackie's Mom. I am such a fan of Stella's, she is a superwoman.
There she sits in her beautiful room, starting another crocheted blanket and asking us about things even we don't remember.  She will have a birthday this month...a big 102. 

 THANK YOU for visiting me and commenting on my last post.  It is so good we can take a break now and then and still not be forgotten. Happy Saturday everyone!


Primitive Stars said...

Morning, love the table too, wish I could go to the booth, treasures await. Love your bunny, Blessings Francine.

Linda said...

What a beautiful post!!! I loved browsing through the booths with you!!!
102!!!! I am so impressed! Makes me feel so YOUNG now!

Natalia Glazacheva said...

Hello Peggy,
thank you so much for following me and commenting as well :0) Hope you have had a Merry Christmas and we all wish you a Very Happy New Year. I'm your new follower :0) And Happy Birthday to Stella!
Hugs from Russia
Natalia & Fam

Ann Thompson said...

I like everything. Looks like lots of nice things. Your rabbit looks great in the frame. Good idea

Prims By The Water said...

Your rabbit looks nice. Happy birthday to Stella. I could not imagine being that old. Janice

P.J. said...

Mom! I want to buy that rabbit in the frame!