Friday, February 6, 2015

Mini-Craft Show for Jackie

 Jackie thinks she is suffering from crafter's block and asked for pictures of what I have been working on.
This will give me a chance to see them from the camera's eye, so I will probably change some of them. Also I loovvee playing with The rabbit is  a pattern fromChestnut Junction and the next one
 is a  larger doll and I tried a stick nose.  Maybe ok for a first try. Although I think the rabbit looks wicked.

 This one was just lying about for awhile so finished her with thoughts and wishes for garden-time.

 This one has very short legs and I wanted to try my hand at making a sheep.  I love the fabric on her dress, it is outline of farm animals.
 This is just a little piece of painted old quilt.  It sure is green! But one of my favorite things to do and hope for a chuckle or two at the Town Peddler.
But these little purses are my very favorite thing to make.  They are just pre-owned little black purses with
whatever I can find to decorate them.  They are not a very fast seller.  I know that some of the things I make leave people scratching their heads and wondering what I am thinking.  But that isn't the point is it?

I hope you have not been bored this morning.  I am venturing out today to the grocery and tomorrow John and I are going to the Melvindale Library for valentine's crafts.  Kynda, Mark and Isaac are going to have a fabulous weekend in Arizona so hope we have lots of pictures of the Gala coming up. If you come to Detroit this weekend you could take your family to the Winter Blast downtown, expected to have 100,000 people, ice skating, tubing, snow shoeing and winter fun.  A good thing about Detroit you won't hear about except on the local news.  Whatever you are doing, stay warm and have a nice weekend.


Lady Jane said...

I love dolls and these are too cute...

The Moonlit Stitch said...

I love ALL of your creations Peggy! You are such an inspiration. Each one is perfect♥ Blessings on your weekend! ~*~Lisa

Ann said...

All your creations are great. Love the dolls

Carol Z said...

Not bored at all. I especially liked the painted quilt. I'd like to try that using some of the things I've brought back from trips. Keep cozy!

kath001 said...

The dolls are precious...the altered quilt and purse are my favorites though.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thank you for the craft show. What a delight it is to see what you've been doing. Just the touch this cold grey winter morning needed ! Hope you have a wonderful weekend too !

Linda said...

I love your creations!!!! I think it is so much more interesting to have/buy/make/gift something unique in place of something your find all over the place!!! One of a kind is THE best kind!!

dee begg said...

Life would be so boring without creativity, so keep em' guessing on what you're thinking. Love the little short legged dollie.


Raymond Homestead said...

These are great Peggy!

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