Monday, February 2, 2015

Snow day

 Wasn't going anywhere anyway, maybe to Salvation Army if someone helped me clean off my car. The wind made some drifts that were beautiful except when they need to be moved.
 I don't remember if I showed you all my mouse angel.  Pattern by The Goode Wife of Washington County.
Friends came by for lunch and Becca and I watched some Homeland.  I made vegetable beef soup. I hope you had a nice warm day.


Carol Z said...

We've got freezing rain and snow and I've enjoyed my indoor day. So glad I don't have to be out and about today. Keep cozy!

Linda said...

We did! No snow here and the skies are blue but it is COLD for Texas!!
Stayed in and watched movies. Just now getting around to a little housework.
Your mouse angel is adorable!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It was a snow day for us here too. Good day to stay in and have warming soup for sure ! I love the picture of the birds at lunch. Happy February !

Ann said...

You got lots of snow too. Yesterday was my day off and other than to let Gibbs out and shovel his little area for him I didn't go out.