Sunday, February 14, 2016


Lots of flowers are one the blogs today reminded me that I didn't show anyone my amaryllis that Rachel gave me for Christmas.  It didn't quite make it until Valentine's Day but as promised on the tag, in six weeks after starting it, I had a bloom.

We followed the directions that came with it but it soon began to smell.  So I called our family florist advisor Kynda and found that the water level was too high on the bulb and it was beginning to rot.  So I cleaned it up and replaced the water at the right level and all was well. 

My grandmother always had these indoors during the winter altho hers were planted in pots.  She must have put them outside in the summer, flowers were scarce in those days so any we had were treated with great care.

So don't be afraid to try one next year, they were lots for sale at the craft stores around Christmas.  It was fun to watch it grow.  Happy Valentine's Day everyone.


Carol Z said...

Beautiful. Have a happy and cozy Valentines Day!

Ann said...

It's very pretty. Plants and I don't get along too well. They have a very short life expectancy in my care :)

Jessica said...

My Gram's has a few amaryllis bulbs planted outside and they bloom so lovely!

Alicia Erica said...

Happy Valentine's Day. please post my blog at My Blog List thank you.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a lovely flower. Happy Valentines Day!