Monday, February 15, 2016

Reading is good.

 I put in a request for this one and only one library had it on order on CD.  Chris Cleave wrote "Little Bee".
This one I have and want to save until I can go straight through it.  It isn't too long but I liked The Burgess Boys and loved Olive Kittridge by Elizabeth Strout.

I braved the cold and went to Aldi's this morning, I call Aldi's my "ordinary folks Trader Joe's".  I guess everyone is experiencing cold weather now, maybe we commented too much on the mild winter.  Stay warm anyway.


Ann said...

Reading is a good way to escape from the cold. You may be right about all of us commenting on the mild temperatures. We need to stop stuff like

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Reading is good ! I have always read a lot and appreciate seeing what others are reading. Even though it's been cold and snowy here, it's still not as bad as the last few years. I'm very thankful our single digit temps have left us for now.

Alicia Erica said...

add my blog in your blog list thank you so much