Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sweet Annie

I have always wanted to grow Sweet Annie and preserve some for crafts.  However, it doesn't seem to be working too well for me.

First for several years I tried to grow it from seed and it wouldn't come up.  Kynda and Gail from The Farm would say "It's just a weed!" .  Finally Kynda sent me a plant UPS and now I have a good "stand" of it.

So I went online and tried to preserve some.  I think it is a failure for sure.  I did the glycerin and hot water and put about three or four inches in each jar on Sept. 3.  It looks really sad so if you all know what I did wrong, please comment.

Otherwise things are fine on Fleming Street, we had buckets and buckets of rain yesterday and a power outage during the night.  But not as bad as some and no flooding.  I hope you got rain if you needed it.


Linda said...

I've never heard of Sweet Annie! It probably wouldn't grow in Texas!
LD ordered a rose bush on line once and it is still thriving!

Ann said...

I read your post title and thought you were writing about
I read once that Sweet Annie was really hard to grow. Since I have no green thumb I wouldn't even attempt it but it would be nice to grow your own for crafting.

Jessica said...

Hmmm I didn't know it was such a pain to grow or preserve! You can't just hang it upside down and let dry like roses and lavender? The bits used on crafts I've bought or been given smell so good and look nice and "prim".

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Years ago we did grow Sweet Annie. It has a wonderful fragrance. The only way I ever preserved it was to dry it. It made a nice addition to dried flower arrangements. Sadly it didn't last long and was replaced by something else. Some things return every year, but somethings don't. We rarely plant anything new here now. The flower beds are full. Right now we have a lot of weeding to do but it's been too hot.