Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Porch cats and 57 degrees

 I don't know how this collection started, maybe with Walker, my indoor-outdoor cat, who chooses not to have his picture made today.
Rusty Cat was made by my neighbor Bob just for me. 
And this one was made by Janice, Prims by the Water.  Isn't he the cat's meow!
 The grass is green and so is the ground cover, even the pesky creeping charlie.  My creeping flocks have a bloom and below the sedum is already sprouting.  What a funny time of weather ---even the plants are all confused.
These look like little brussel sprouts.  I did a few bags of leaves but decided I would rather post.  Happy Tuesday!


Ann said...

I like all your cats. Very cute.
We had snow last weekend and today it was 59 degrees.

Prims By The Water said...

Can you believe the temp today?? Walker is a fine name for a kitty! Love how you displayed the pinwheel kitty and love all your kitties! Janice

Linda said...

All the country is experiencing weird weather! Our doors are open as I write and we have not even had a FROST yet!!! This is late - even for Texas!!!
Your kitties are cute! We are currently petless......

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

When I had cats I used to have a collections of signs and sayings all about cats but now I've been without any here several years and have retired my cat collection too with the exception of a welcome sign that hangs by the front door. The weather here yesterday and today is in the upper 50's but then we'll be in the 40's and 30's after that. It was nice to get out and rake some leaves here.