Monday, June 29, 2009

My Raspberry Patch on Monday

My patch is now 33 years old. These taste really good on a snowy winter day on your toast--that is, if they last that long. I am making it the old-fashioned way this year so I don't have to put it in the freezer. Happy Monday, wish you all good things this week.


Small House said...

OH MY WORD... This is making me so excited. In a couple weeks I'll be doing the same thing!!! I'm with you...I love raspberries on a winter day. I've got a great salad with cool whip I use with my frozen raspberries. I'll email it to you.
Have a great day.

Laura said...


love jam!

peggy said...

Thanks Sandra, recipes are always welcome. I will freeze some raspberries to try yours.

Kelly said...

That looks delicious! Your patch is beautiful...I hope I have one established one day...I started this year with two blackberry plants. :)