Saturday, September 12, 2009

For Halloween and Fall

I'm hoping to be finished next week with my Halloween offerings. No, I didn't make the sunflowers, but Someone did.

My-Own-Person-of-the-Week is Isaac, who is now a Certified Personal Trainer. My scanner isn't working so I don't have a picture of him. He has worked hard and we are all proud of him.


rosemary said...

Peggy -- I met you several years ago at the Town Peddler. You were stocking your booth and I was admiring all of the items. We talked for a while and you mentioned that you would be in a Christmas Craft show in Dearborn -- so I went and Got to see you again.
Over the years I have purchased several of your items and treasure each one. I go to the Town Peddler often and I must admit you have the best booth. I am so tired of looking at all the products made in China. Your items are refreshing and unique. Do you still do craft shows?

peggy said...

Hi Rosemary, thank you so much for your comment and for your encouragement. I still do the Dearborn craft shows, one at the Methodist Church Quilt show first Friday and Saturday of October and Lindbergh School the second Saturday of November. If you email me, I will remind you later, hope to see you soon.

P.J. said...

I love these shoes. I love all of this stuff, but I don't think I have room for all of it. What's a girl to do? Congratulations to Isaac.