Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sun Dills

These are my pickles I made from a recipe from a post on Old Centennial Farmhouse. I had to buy the cucumbers as my crop failed this year. I followed the directions and set them in the sun yesterday. Today it has rained all day. They are supposed to be "dills" in a week, so this will be interesting. I also had to buy dill but if these are good, I will have my own next year. Check out her blog, it is very interesting, and she has some beautiful Michigan pictures.


Kynda said...

Those are beautiful! Hope they turn out good

Small House said...

Pickels are tricky to me. One year I made lovely ones. Even tasted good. The next year, I vowed I'd never make them again. They were horrible.

Yours look beautiful, and I'm sure they'll taste great to.

High on the Hog said...

I love dills when they are homemade. I almost never get them!

kath001 said...

Those look easy and fun! I've saved the recipe to try later, and also emailed it to daughter and son-in-law. He LOVES dill pickles!