Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Morning Glory

Of all the flower names, I like this one best, glory be! It finally blooms!

Also one of my little yard.

What boggles me (that's easy to do) this morning with my coffee, I read that "a rocky earth like planet found outside our solar system is in ""our general neighborhood""--circling a star in the winter sky about 500 light years away. Each light year is about 6 trillion miles. (and something like 3600 degrees farenheit). " From USA Today.

Well, glory be!


Small House said...

OH MY GOODNESS...I had no idea I've been away this long. Look at all the great projects you've been doing. We have morning glory to, and I LOVE IT as well.

Your yard is just charming.

Kynda said...

Your lamb's ear is gorgeous!