Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tennessee Ridge pattern sale....

If you would like some new patterns be sure to check out the e-pattern sale on It's a good one.

The little girl above is made from a recent one. She was so easy to make.

Amy thinks I am working night and day but not really...I sew a little, stuff a little and make a few clothes, then one day I put them all together and ouila!

Go outside this morning and if your nose and face and feet don't freeze, then you are not in Michigan! Have a nice day wherever you are!


Linda Chapman said...

the doll is just precious!!
It is cold in Texas today! As it has been for a couple of weeks! NOT normal for us! I am yearning for warm weather where I can work in the yard or sit in the gazebo.
I enjoy your blog posts!
Stay warm!

Verde Farm said...

Peggy, her eyes actually sparkle-this is so cute :)

Toyin O. said...

Love the doll,so cute. it is freezing where I am too....BRRRr.

Debbie said...

Peggy your dolls are just adorable. I am in need of some inspiration to finish up a few that I started here. They all have hair but faceless and need some clothes. Its so cold here too. We have been in the single digits and teens the last few days and I think I am ready for spring now.

Stay warm,