Friday, April 12, 2013

Going to Town Peddler....

On Monday, Barb drove us (me, Kathy and Diana) to Grand Rapids to see the exhibit at the Gerald Ford Museum ; a collection of Madeline Albright's pins.  I know they are waiting to see the pictures I took so I promise I will do it next week.  It is really hard to photograph things in glass cases but the pictures are fairly good., there are just a lot of them.

It was so interesting, over 300 pins (but she has more) so if it comes to a museum near you be sure to go see it. It was Betty Ford's birthday and the museum folks were making preparations for Laura and Barbara Bush at three o'clock.  We couldn't wait that long for lunch so he headed downtown.  I know they were very disappointed not to see us too.

Just thought I would post my doings today.  Lisa and I are talking about making things with burlap so I whipped up a couple of things.  I learned that it has to be lined with something so that it doesn't  fray.  PJ's lovely little flower pins are the only thing blooming around here.  See you!


earlene said...

What a fun outing!!!
Have a wonderful weekend.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I always love seeing your creations. And the flower pins are beautiful too. Sorry you missed the vip's at your visit but I'm sure you all had loads of fun with out them. We do have daffodils blooming here right now. It's been chilly and wet the last few days. Hope you have a super Saturday!

kath001 said...

What a fun outing! I wonder if my library has her book, Read My Pins. I heard an interview when it first came out, and thought that it was such a great idea for a book...and an ingenious way to wear/use jewelry.