Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Just finished this one instead of TV last night.  About a family in Alaska, a new best-seller, a good story but turned a little too romancy for me.
 This one will always be one of my favorites.  When first I looked at it, I said ugh, it's about a truck driver.
I am so glad I read it, and yes, there was a little romance.  Really, good book.
I listened to this audio book while I was sewing..  The reader's voice was really gruff but I got used to it. If you like surprises at the end this one has it.

Happy Day!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've spent a few evenings with a book instead of the tv here too. A good book is always good entertainment. Thanks for your reviews. I love seeing something new to read.

Ann said...

There are nights when I turn off the tv and open my kindle to read. Especially if I'm at a good part. I've never been fond of romance novels. I prefer mystery

kath001 said...

First two added to list. I haven't been wanting to read murder mysteries lately, so number 3 didn't make it. :)