Friday, June 25, 2010

A Book from Debbie at Goat Creek...

I have a new book to read in my break time. It was a gift from Debbie at Goat Creek Bakery. She has a blog that I enjoy so much, she has recipes and crafts and book reviews and best of all, her Italian phrase of the day.

Right now, she is away at Girl Scout Camp, but keep her in mind for when she gets back. It's Check out her older posts in the meantime.

Thank you Debbie, and everyone have a good Friday.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's always nice to get a new book to read. I'll check out her website. Have a great Friday!

Debbie said...

Hi Peggy!

*hugs* I am home for the day and thought I would check up on some blog reading. I am so happy you got the book. It was a good one. I just received a new one to review in July so be on the look out as I have an extra copy to giveaway!

La vita eh bella! Life is Good! I am enjoying camp and will try my best to fill you in on it soon.