Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Spiderwort

Folks like my grandmother didn't have a Lowes or Home Depot or English Gardens so any flowers they had came from sharing with each other. Even if they had had the garden centers they would not have had the money to buy a zinnia for $4.99.

Yesterday we weeded at PJ's and lots of this plant had to be taken out. I feel like a traitor doing this because I brought this plant with me from Kentucky when I moved here. It was taken from my grandmother's place and when I walk by, I think I hear her say I love you all. However, right now she would be saying, get yourself ready and go to church.

So that's what I'll do, just wanted to say good morning to you all.


Kynda said...

I still don't think I have any of your/mammy's spiderwort, so save me a little :-)
love love

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Lots of things at my house needed weeded out all the time. Right now the day lilies are trying to crowd out everything else. I got my self off to church but haven't done much else it is a lazy day here for sure.

Wanda said...

Spiderwort grows wild in my woods...I have transplanted some from there to a few places around the property!

P.J. said...

Oh Momma, I dug up so much more of this's all over the back yard. I didn't hear the "I love you" part though...maybe I wasn't listening. Or maybe I was grunting too loud! Arghh. But when I get it down to one little "mammy patch," I'm sure I'll hear the message. XXOO...thank you for helping me weed. I love you:-)

Connie said...

Spiderwort...interesting name for a beautiful flower!
That's cool that it came from your grandmother's garden!