Friday, October 1, 2010

Barbara's Plarn Project for Relay for Life


“It usually takes me a day and a half to make one tote,” Bridges said. “It takes longer if I have to do the cutting and the plarn.”

The totes, which sell for $10, are 22 inches long and 17 inches across. It takes 60 recycled grocery bags to make one tote.

Plarn is a creative way to recycle plastic bags by turning it into yarn. “Green” crafters have been using plarn instead of traditional yarn to crochet and knit all sorts of items. Some have made rugs, sculptures, bags and even clothes based on the different colors that plastic bags come in.

“We knot them together to form a string and this is what is crocheted,” Bridges said.

Bridges uses plastic tablecloths for the exterior of the bags. The tablecloths are used to provide the color.

“You need half a tablecloth for each color,” Bridges said.

The women at Merriman Road Baptist Church first taught Bridges how to make the bags and now she teaches others.

“I revised the pattern,” Bridges said. “The bags are nice to carry wet stuff like bathing suits,” Bridges said. “Plus, we are ‘greening' America.”

The bags are available only at Fast Pace Fitness, LLC Exercise and Weight Loss Center, 28505 Ford, between Harrison and Middlebelt. Call (734) 324-9502

The center raised $16,882, the most in last spring's Relay for Life, Bridges said."

This is a repeat for the blog, but now Barbara has found a great reason to make these bags. Plus, everyone tries to take mine. So get your own and help Relay for Life.

Happy October !!!


Wanda..... said...

The design of the tote is pretty, Penny, nice that it's made from plastic bags!

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

Wonderful idea and for such a great cause! blessings,Kathleen