Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More Marching Band Thoughts...

I keep thinking about the marching bands, this one played Irish music. Only one director here. One of the bands had an electric guitar and he had kinda of a little solo part . I was amazed too at the big semi trucks that carried the instruments and the little "trains" that carried the big instruments off the field.
This one had three directors (and on a stepladder no less). Is the man in the khaki pants a judge? The Linden band received fifth place which I thought was just wonderful.

I was so impressed too with the discipline shown by the band members. And Dave, you gave me the right word that I couldn't think of to describe the whole thing and that was "intense".

Today we are thankful for everything, but especially young people who are working hard and doing things that sometimes go unnoticed. Also for a sunny Tuesday.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's another sunny day here too. They say this is our Indian Summer. It's not all that warm but is in the 50's during the day. Young people are wonderful and a delight to watch too.

Laura Lynn said...

It's fun to see something go so well after so much has been put into it too. It looks great! I love marching bands.