Friday, November 5, 2010

My Green Outfit....

Or mostly blue if you like. He says he loves it and he is happy that he gets to carry the dream pillow.

I have a green coat this color, as most of you know after so many years. I wear it everywhere and get lots of comments, some I know are not sincere. But I like it because I can always find myself in a crowd.

I used a pattern for him "A Round About SMF #164" by Sweet Meadows Farm for the body but made my own clothes.

Tonight is opening night for Southgate Community Players "Little Shop of Horrors". We will be watching our favorite actor, Jeff, perform as Mr. Mushnik. It is at Davidson Middle School, 15800 Trenton Road, Southgate.

A good Friday and weekend for everyone, extra hour for sleep or coffee or getting to church really early.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I had to look twice there with the green...I see blue... Hope you enjoy the night out and your weekend too! It sure is cold here with snow on the way they say.

Verde Farm said...

I love this snowman! I love everything you do. LIttle Shop Of Horrors sounds great. Enjoy it :)