Monday, March 21, 2011

Bloom and Grow

I'm sharing this again, as it is my very favorite ever from The Farm. I was selfish and kept it for myself but I do wish I had one for everyone.

Another favorite from a homemade pattern, sitting at the Town Peddler for only two days. Be happy honey in your new home.

I know each one of us is concerned about all the devastating things that are happening. Sometimes I don't want to post because everything at the plot seems totally insignificant. I just want to keep in touch, so have a blessed day everyone.


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Nothing about each of us is insignificant. We are just not in the news. It's too bad that the media can't focus on the good news in the world instead of all the sad things happenings. We should feel sorry for them but we should also be allowed to feel good about our own private successes and happinesses.
I love knowing you are happy and well. Smile because things are good!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Especially when all seems so disastrous around the world,it is good that we have some uplifting things to share with each other. I'm praying and trusting all will be well.
I love the little sign and may just have to incorporate something like it into a plaque for my newly painted front room. I keep collecting ideas of what I want to do and have several things I want to paint now. Hope your Monday is a great one!

Kynda said...

i was just telling Lilla that the world is in a mess. But she didn't think so, she thinks life is pretty good here at Canada Garden. And if she could just get a little bit more of that chicken that we had for dinner, her world would be even better :) love love you

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

Hi Peggy, I know how you feel but do know that what you post is not insignificant with your blog sisters in blogland! I look forward to visiting here each and every takes me away from the world's woes for a minute or two! blessings,Kathleen said...

I know what you mean about not posting. It has crossed my mind on more than one occasion that I am probably being quite selfish in continuing with my posts. I loved Linda Parker's Paradise comment. It sums it up really. It's always a pleasure to pop over and see how all my 'friends' are doing and brings a positive feel to the day.
Thank you very much for your lovely comment. desiree is an absolute hoot. Her comments are funnier than my posts. Do visit her blog - she posts the most wonderful photographs of South Africa.
Apparently moles can see but because they have a protective skin over their eyes they can't see like we now we both know about moles! No sign of the two that got away :)
Many thanks again
Fond wishes