Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lutheran High West Craft Show...

Your small, medium or large dog can now have a bib to match its collar.

It was a rainy day but the crowd was there in spite of. Everyone looks forward to the first one after a long winter.

Guess what...lots of very nice things but no primitives and no dolls. But....
Barb was there with her iris folding art. I am proud of her, she had a lot of stock and a neat display!

I hope everyone sold a lot and had a good day. It is a nice event to make some money for the school. And hopefully everyone is home before the rain has turned to snow.


dee begg said...

Ahhh....craft show season. I use to live for it. After doing them fulltime for the past 16+ years, I've cut back and the spring shows have been eliminated...still like going to them though.

Love the doggie bibs.


Debbie said...

How disappointing... no dolls or prims... I am hoping to work this summer and making some things so I can do a show or two this fall. I have discovered there are no shops close here... thinking I should try hard to get my name out there.

Hope your having a good weekend!
Debbie K