Thursday, May 21, 2009


I keep changing everything about Angie, including my posts. So while I was shortening her skirt, she said, you know I'm supposed to have wings. So here she is, made from a design from Their patterns are unique, imaginative, and reasonably priced. I hope your day has been good.


Charlie said...
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Charlie said...

I like it..... new post on blog

Small House said...

She is so cute. Cute enough to be an Angel.

I just love the clematis in your last post. They are so beautiful. My computer is blurry, (I like my one at work) but isn't that a plow they are growing in and around. So adorable.

peggy said...

Yes Sandra, that's a plow from my grandparents. In the comments on that post we had a funny story about plowing, check it out when you have a moment. Thanks for being so faithful with your comments.