Thursday, May 28, 2009

New on Thursday

I always find flaws when I look at the pictures, but I seldom change anything.
I started this one with a pattern by Off-The-Beam, but she turned out differently. Look at her nice trim that I got from my friend Joanne.
I made three of these and each one has a look in their eye. I hope these things don't start speaking to me, I will really be in trouble. Happy Thursday.


Small House said...

You know I love these!!!

Kynda said...

Every one just darling. I don't see any flaws whatsoever, but the camera always shows us something we can't see with our eyes.

Kelly said...

Hi Peggy, stopping in to say hello today and see what all treasures you have made lately. I see you have been busy as usual. Your creations are beautiful. :) I know what they mean by slimy okra, but I like it that way. Hubby likes it fried, so thats the way its fixed most of the time around here. Sometimes I like to boil me a little pot of my own 'slimy okra' LOL. Daughter never took a liking to it, maybe when she gets older she will like it. Yours looks delicious! Makes me want some right now. :) Sure was sweet of you to say you miss me when I am gone from my blog, glad I am missed. Hugs, Kelly