Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I love clematis, so hope yall don't get bored with them. This one is Henryi, and stays a nice size, took a few years to get this big as it was just a sprig when I bought it. The old plow belonged to Mammy and Papa (my grandparents). It worked many years before it was replaced by a big old tiller, but it was kept and I am glad. It will be appreciated for its new job, holding up the Henryi.


Kynda said...

Love the clematis and love the plow story. I remember a man coming to plow the garden with one of those. He had a mule to pull it. Mammy told me to go get some water for the man's mule and then she laughed and laughed because I brought a bowl of water instead of a bucket. What did I know? That was my first (and last) mule experience.

peggy said...

well that's okay honey, you never knew what it meant to be "thirsty as a mule". In those days the ground in the garden had to completely turned over, I often think of that when I go out and dig a hole and plop a tomato plant in it.