Monday, May 11, 2009

Meiring Greenhouse Open House

These are the shopping carts you get when you go in, it's fun for me to see what other people buy.
Then you get to get in a long line and wait your turn to pull your car in and unload your flowers. PJ did all work, I kinda limped along. But it was fun and we got our black and blue salvias.


Small House said...

FUN! I'm actually picking up flowers today after work. BUT DARN...I won't get such a fun cart.

Love the tree fromt he previous post. BEAUTIFUL!
Have a great day.

Kelly said...

Hi Peggy! I am back and just making the rounds stopping in and catching up with everyone. Looks like spring is in full bloom around your house...your flowers are beautiful. I dont know what that tree is called either, but we used to have one behind the pool deck before the goats tore it up, and then barely surviving that, Ian punched a hole in the pool and the chlorine water drowned it for days and killed it off. It was pretty, much like yours. :)