Saturday, March 27, 2010


This is Angie, one of my favorites.

Something is actually blooming, along with a few daffodils we saw on the way to the craft show.

Handcrafters in Northville, this weekend, two more days you have to visit, today and Sunday as well. We thought it was very nice, lots of beautiful things, but not much in the way of country or primitives. I didn't take pictures, I don't think you should unless you have permission when someone is selling their art. But I saw lots of people taking pictures with phones. I don't think that's very nice, if they intend to copy.

You can copy Angie, she's a Chestnut Junction pattern and she will be happy.


Pleasant Prairie said...

Just love your new doll. I never realized that folks might take photos to copy. I just love the way country booths at markets look and thought that is why most of them take photos. I guess one can never tell. Have a great weekend. blessings,Kathleen

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The picture of the blooms reminds me of what my star magnolia bush will soon look like. Last year it was blooming at Easter, but I doubt it will be this year. For one thing Easter is a little earlier. It's been so cold this past week that it snowed.

Kynda said...

Angie is darling! Did you piece her heart? It's beautiful too. And I like your signature hanging thread :-)

Wanda said...

Angie is an angel...she is lovely, Peggy!

peggy said...

A loose thread will have to be my "mark of authenticity" (like the Amish quilters who make a deliberate mistake to show that none is perfect except God.) Only mine will never have to be deliberate. The heart with Angie is a very old quilt scrap. I'm glad I took a picture of that tree, I have learned all about it from y'all.