Thursday, March 18, 2010


My grandmother always said I was changeable as the wind. I often give make-overs to some lucky dolls, these are two.

The one got herself a bear and some new color hair, the other one gave up her pink hair for some new "Debbie Mumm" yarn hair that I found at Joanne fabrics. Debbie Mumm is in to everything, from coffee mugs to fabric, and now in the yarn. I do like it --it is very soft.

Maybe we will start a new make-over show for TV. Or not. Happy Thursday.


Wanda said...

Your make-overs worked, they are lovely!

Levijane said...

Your so creative Peggy. So you like to garden? So do I. We still have frost in the morning here, but hopefully soon it will warm up enough to plant. Happy gardening!

Kynda said...

I never knew mammy said you were changeable. Did she say that in a good way? If not, let me tell you that I think being changeable is one of the things that I love about you.

You're flexible. You change your mind when you learn new things. I remember that you once quoted Angela Davis to me. "Why are you afraid of new ideas?" (And that was in the 60s, when everybody we knew was afraid of new ideas.)

You aren't afraid to try something new--like the computer. None of my friends have a mom who works the computer like you do!

And your make-overs today are darling!

love love,