Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Annie and Black Cat

Used some of my expensive fabric from Sew Elegant and glued on a fabric candy corn nose. Glue is a dirty word for some dollmakers, but I use it anyway.
From PJ's fabric, this little Annie dressed for Halloween. The cat is painted, but not sanded. I may use glue but I don't use sandpaper.
The cats woke me up early but I got to see the light show as the sun came up over Midge's house. This bush is totally green right now, later on it will be yellow but this morning it was just lit by the beautiful light coming in. It is called Solidago Fireworks. Happy Thursday.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I especially like the Halloween Annie. It's wonderful what sunlight can do with things like your flowers. I hope your Thursday is a great one!

Sew Many Raggedies said...

Love your little Annie. I love to shop at Sew Elegant! I haven't been there in quite some time...I think I need to go!!

Debbie said...

Both turned out adorable! I have been trying to get my crafting mojo here and hopefully I will have something to post about this weekend.

Hope you have a great day!